Basic Manners Class

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Basic Manners is a 7 week course: an instruction class (without the puppy) plus 6 training classes (60 minutes each) for pups aged between 4 and 9 months of age who have never previously attended classes or puppy school.


Why does my puppy need to go to basic manners classes?

Basic Manners classes are for puppies that are too old for puppy class but haven’t started their education yet! Most puppies in the class are between 4 months and 9 months of age. Basic Manners classes will teach your puppy how to behave nicely in the home and also how to behave politely when out and about on the lead.

Basic Manners classes may not be suitable for your puppy or dog if they behave aggressively towards other dogs when on lead. If your dog lunges and barks when on lead, consider private classes with our trainer, Jenny Head. If the problem is severe, a behavioural consultation with Dr Jen may be more appropriate.


The course will also cover such things as:

  • polite greetings
  • Sitting, dropping and staying
  • walking nicely on the lead
  • coming when called
  • how to behave around other dogs and people
  • to follow basic commands 

The classes are held on the premises of the veterinary hospital in a safe and friendly environment.


Want to find out more information or book your puppy into a class?

Contact our friendly staff on (02) 43992129