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Doyalson Animal Hospital
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Worms are parasites that can live inside your pet and affect their health. Worm control starts from when puppies are only 2 weeks only and kittens from 6 weeks old and continues for life.

When should I worm my pet?

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Enriching your dogs life

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There are lots of ways you can enrich your dog’s life and make it even better than it is now. Read on for some tips and ideas on things you can start doing today.

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With the early start to spring ticks are already coming out in force. We have had 11 tick cases at the hospital already this year. If you have stopped using your pet’s tick prevention during the cooler months now is the time to start using it again. There are many different types of tick prevention you can try and decide which one suits you and your pet. We have chews, spot on and collars so something for everyone.

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Low Stress Handling Accreditation

Low stress certification

Doyalson Animal Hospital is proud to announce that our hospital has just received certification in Low Stress Handling.

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Be vigilant and get your bunny protected as councils release calicivirus into the local area this April. 

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