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The poison used to kill rats and mice interferes with blood clotting. These products are just as toxic to dogs and cats, and alarmingly your pets may even seek these poisons out.

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Dog licking lips

Pet’s can have issues just like your human family members. They can seem happy one day and the next be stressed or anxious, but unfortunately they can’t tell us what’s wrong. Here are a few of the behavioural issues we talk about with our clients on a daily basis.

Dog Behaviour

Barking: It's important to understand that barking is a normal way that dogs communicate with others. Dogs might bark to get attention, during play, hunting, territorial defence, and in fearful and anxious situations. We can help you identify the reason your dog is barking and provide advice about how to control it.

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Merlin with ice cubes

We have been experiencing extreme temperatures over the past month, and whilst we can seek out and take comfort in the cool air conditioning, our pets sometimes need help keeping cool.

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Why vaccinate your pet?

Ludo Ringo

Our pets are an important part of our lives and family, offering unconditional love and affection. In order to give them the best start in life, we need to make sure they are vaccinated against preventable diseases.

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Jovi I x 1

Christmas is a fun time of year and as part of the family you want your furry friend to be included in all the celebrations going on.  By following the steps below you can help to insure that your pet’s Christmas is a safe and happy one.

1.            Don’t hang tree decorations too low, these will look like an invitation for your pet to play and could cause problems if chewed or caught around their necks.

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