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Doyalson Animal Hospital
423 Scenic Drive
NSW 2262

02 4399 2129
02 4390 2911

We aim to exceed your expectations with every visit that you make to our practice.


We schedule 20 minute consultations with the vet to give us plenty of time to complete a thorough physical examination on your pet and to discuss any health issues and concerns. Treatment plans are explained and discussed and you will always be given the best treatment options available. Our vets use established relationships with referring specialists when necessary and attend continuing professional development.

About us

Learn about our core values and vision here

We have an extensive range of support initiatives so that together with you, we can surmount those significant periods in your pet's life:

Surgical procedures

Our veterinarians perform surgery on a daily basis. More information about our commonly performed procedures: Desexing, Dental and Orthopaedic procedures can be found here. 

Diagnostic services

We have an extensive range of resources available to help us diagnose your pet's illness including ultrasound, pathology and radiology specialised equipment.

Ophthalmology service  

Dr Sally Smith has a special interest in ophthalmology and specialist equipment to enhance diagnosis of eye diseases.

Puppy Preschool and dog training

Learn more about our puppy and dog classes.

Exotics, Birds and Wildlife

Have you found wildlife and unsure what to do? Or are you the owner of a bird, guinea pig, rabbit or ferret? Then see what we can offer your exotic pet.

Hydrobathing and grooming

Why not let us groom and bath your pet next time?


In order to give your pet the best start in life, we need to make sure they are vaccinated against preventable diseases.


Microchipping ensures that your beloved pet can be returned to you if they ever get lost.

Weight loss clinic

Concerned about your pet's weight? Check out our weight loss clinic.

Dietary advice

A well-balanced diet is crucial for all pets, regardless of their age or health status.

Senior wellness program

Our senior pet's need some extra support as they get older.

Home visits, pick up and delivery services

Sometimes it can be difficult getting your pet to the vet. Ask about our home visit service next time you make an appointment.

Grief counselling

For many of us, animals are not just pets, but companions, friends and family members. Dealing with the loss of a pet can be one of the most difficult things you encounter. If you need some extra support, click here.


For further information and handouts about a range of pet diseases and illness or for tips on how to clip your pet's nail please visit our handouts section.