My surgery day by Rosie the Pug

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Doyalson Animal Hospital
423 Scenic Drive
NSW 2262

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Initially my mum was a bit worried about booking me in for my ‘little operation’. She called the team at Doyalson Animal Hospital and they explained it all to her so that she could feel happy about leaving me there. Now I am writing my story to let all the other dogs and cats know what to expect.

First we arrived at the vet clinic for our appointment with the veterinarian. I was a bit hungry because I had missed my breakfast and the vets and nurses didn’t give me any treats like they usually do when I visit. They explained that this was to make things safer while I had an anaesthetic. They checked me over to make sure I was all healthy. Then they talked to my mum about having a blood test to make sure that my liver and kidneys were OK for the anaesthetic and to make sure that my blood would clot properly during the procedure. My mum said that was a good idea. Mum told me she’d be back for me later and then she left.

I was a bit nervous, but the people at the vets were very nice to me. They shaved a little fur on my leg and my neck and put a cream on so that I wouldn’t feel things. Then I was put in a cage with a soft fluffy blanket to make me feel a bit more at home. A bit later they came and took a blood sample but it didn’t really hurt ‘cause of the cream.

When they were all happy with the blood results, they took me out again. They gave me an injection that made me feel a little bit drowsy and also had a strong pain relief part in it. They put a little catheter in my leg and then wrapped it up with a colourful bandage.

Then in the middle of the day they took me out and gave me a cuddle while they put some anaesthetic into the catheter port and told me I would start to feel very sleepy… and I did!

Vet: Rosie was asleep for this bit, so we will fill in for her. She was put onto anesthetic gas, the surgical site was cleaned and then she was taken through to surgery for desexing. She had a vet with her the whole time for the surgery, as well as a veterinary nurse monitoring her anaesthetic. The intravenous fluids she was given help to support her blood pressure while she is asleep and also provide immediate IV access if needed, making for a safer anaesthetic.

Rosie was given an additional injection of pain relief before waking up and a hot water bottle and an extra blanket to help keep her warm while she was recovering.

Rosie: When I woke up I had fur missing from by belly and a small line where my surgery had been. There weren’t even any stitches poking out. The vet explained to my mum that was so I wouldn’t chew there and so I was less likely to need a bucket around my neck! I got to go home that afternoon. They also gave me some pain relief tablets for the next few days. Mum was told to keep me from running around and jumping up for 10 days, then the vets will check me again - and this time they promise to give me treats!