Behaviour Consultations

With Dr Lauren Poulsom BVSc MANZCVS (Medicine of Cats)

Behaviour problems in dogs and cats are very very common and range cover everything from separation anxiety to aggression issues to toileting problems. It is important to get the right information to retrain the brain (behavioural modification plans- like specialised training) as well as the correct prescription anti-anxiety medication. Behaviour is a lifelong commitment and requires a lot of dedication and patience by the owner. There are no quick fixes.

Consultations are $250 and are to be paid in full beforehand in person or over the phone, as well as a behaviour consult questionnaire (canine or feline) filled out and returned via email or in person. If you return your form via email please call us to let us know. Both of these requirements (form and prepay) need to be fulfilled within 72 hours MINIMUM before scheduled behaviour consult. The more information that is put into these long questionnaires (10 pages for dogs, 11 for cats plus floor plan of house) the more you will get out of the consult with Dr Lauren so make sure adequate time is given to filling out the forms and returning them on time.

This allows Dr Lauren to read through your problems and concerns and research and formulate a behaviour therapy and modification plan specific for your pet. Due to the amount of time Dr Lauren does at home researching your specific case and formulating a plan as well as the hour put aside during clinic hours for the consult, this consult once paid is NON REFUNDABLE if you do not turn up to the consult or give us less than 48 hours cancellation notice.

The consult should be attended by all key active members in the dogs life, ie the one who will be doing the most training and giving the medication.

The consult price does NOT include additional medication costs- these range from a script fee for $26 to pick up the medication from a human pharmacy or we sometimes supply the anti-anxiety medication which ranges up to $100 and will be discussed by Dr Lauren at the time of consultation if required.

The consult DOES include a one week phone follow up and a one month phone follow up. Any ongoing problems or new issues can be booked in as a standard consultation with Dr Lauren or recheck appointment at our standard consultation prices.

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