Diagnostic Services


We have in house blood machines able to provide information about your pet’s blood cells, blood clotting and organ function. Results can be available within 1 hour, allowing us to quickly gain important information and start treating your pet quickly.

Our pre-anaesthetic blood tests are offered for all patients, however with age, the likelihood of problems and risks of anaesthesia increase and therefore blood tests are strongly recommended at 7 years of age and older. Some problems may not be obvious on physical examination and are able to be detected on blood tests before animals become sick. For further information on blood testing click here.

We also use external laboratory facilities when we need further information or a specialist opinion.

We use our in house microscope to evaluate needle aspirates of lumps and cysts and to diagnose ear and skin infections whether parasitic, fungal or bacterial. We also perform in house urinalysis (analysis of urine).

Diagnostic Imaging

We have a brand new ultrasound machine providing us with a non-invasive way to visualise your pet’s internal organs and obtain important diagnostic information. We also use the ultrasound for early diagnosis of pregnancy (from day 28).

Our x-ray machine allows us to take x-rays of pets of all sizes – from small cats to large dogs. We take x-rays to help diagnose bone, chest and abdominal problems.

For some interesting cases click here.

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